Test center: Currently testing.

This is the Test center, this is where I will place all new sites that I come across and consider to be worthwhile.
If you have a site and believe it to be legit, leave a comment and I will add it here.
Since I cannot test these sites alone I will as you to help by signing up to these sites and providing feedback.
I will NEVER place a site here if your risk to lose money: eg: - it MUST be free to signup, if it isn't free I will test it personally.

1) * Cashcrate - Free money making site.

  • Cashcrate is a free to join money making site that accepts worldwide applications. Members earn money by filling on surveys, completing offers or by referring people to their site with their referral link. Cashcrate also allows cash-back bonuses when you shop from one of their sites listed in the 'shopping' section. 
  • Members can also earn points as well as cash, these points can be used to claim rewards which range from a $10 amazon gift voucher up to a Sony PS3. Points can be gained by the same means as cash, but they can also be gained by playing games.
  •  If you are good enough you can earn a HUGE amount of points from games. Games usually come with a fee to enter though - usually only 1 or 2 points.
  • Testing Process:
In order to prove this site is legitimate I need at least 7 people to signup under my name and earn at least $10 in any way they choose.
For every person that does this I will earn $3, so a total of 7 people = $21 (The minimum payout is $20).
Once I have earned the minimum payout I will request the payout, and put this offer 'On hold' until I receive my payment.
- That simply means I will remove my referral links, and make a note of not to join until further notice.
If I do not receive the payment, I will know this is a scam and will label it as such in the 'Proven scams' section.
If I do receive the payment I will move this site to the 'Tried and Tested' page.

Alternatively, you may go ahead and earn the $20 dollars yourself after signing up and request the payout yourself, or go for a reward.
If you get paid and believe it to be legitimate simply leave a comment and I will confirm this site as legitimate.
You will still have to do this through my referral link however, and provide me with the username you used to signup under me.
It is the only way I can confirm you aren't some random advertiser, and that you actually tested the site.

* If you come from the U.S it will be really easy to make the $10, or $20 as there are more offers for U.S residents.
* I come from South Africa and as such struggle to make money off the offers, which is why I need referrals to test it.

Here is my referral link: http://www.cashcrate.com/2570968