Strategy center

This is where I will list all the different strategies I have come up with.
Strategies can be about increasing your referrals, getting the lowest referral cost or how to simply get the most out of the system.
Think of it like 'Milking the system for all it's worth'.

Strategy #1: Getting your free product without paying for the offer.

  • This Strategy is rather simple and involves not having to pay out of your own pocket for the offers.
  • This strategy is also listed in the 'How to get your free product' section, so if you've seen it already you can just skip it.
"If you cannot find a free offer and are Dead-set against completing one that you need to pay for, there is a way to get around that.
Most of the sites I list here do allow you to claim a prize without having to complete an offer, but you usually have to get more referrals instead, eg: for freebeejeebies (in list of freebie sites) you need 3 additional referrals.
If you really want to use this method (as it will take longer), I recommend you find the cheapest offer you can complete (like the paypal offers), and then claim it after you have enough referrals - you will need at least 5 (2 +3 extra).
The good news is after getting those 3 extra referrals it will count as though you completed an offer - you will never have to do it again.

Cool huh?"

Strategy #2: A guaranteed way of getting referrals.

  • This strategy basically uses the fact that each freebie site has more than 1 website, they have at least five each based on different gifts and rewards.
Now since every freebie site has at least 5 different sub-sites you can get at least 4 referrals this way.
Here's how it works:
You find the product you want and sign up to the site that has that product. You get 4 friends to do the same (or more if the site has more than 5 sub-sites) - but they should all be signed up to different sub-sites.
Now, you signup through each of your friends referral link, and each of your friends signs-up through your referral link.
After that is all done - both you and each of your friends should have at least 4 referrals each. Talk about teamwork!
Now this method will cost a fair amount more than normal, since you will have to pay for multiple offers.
You can however combine this with Strategy #1 and get these for free, but don't expect those extra referrals to come from your friends.

This method of getting referrals is known as 'Trading' and you don't necessarily have to have friends - you can find trades up for offer on the Exceem website, free signup is required though.

Strategy #3: Quick free cash.

  • Now, by using the above method (trading) you can actually make a bit of a profit, despite the cost of offers.
Alright here goes: 
Freebiejeebies happens to have 9 different sites right? And on average when you complete an offer it should cost at most $10.
Did you know that Freebiejeebies actually offer you $17 per referral?
See Where this is going? Get 8 people to signup through your link with trading, even though it will cost you +- $10 each time you will make at least $7 profit off of each signup. Which means you can get up to $56 profit - over and above the cost of offers.
The Same of course applies to your friends who you traded with.
Kudosnetwork could possibly have more profit potential, as they at the time of writing this have a free offer available - but take note: you can only do any offer ONCE. Also, they seem to offer $17 dollars per referral, the same as freebiejeebies.
This is a nice way to start out as it gives you some money to play with, should you ever need it.