List of freebie sites I know aren't scams:

This is a list of freebie sites I have researched and found to be legitimate, this list will be updated as often as I can afford to.
Please note that while the sites all offer pretty much the same thing, the referral cost and offers available do differ.
I will provide information on the various sites in more detail once this website gets a bit more visitors.

I recommend only choosing 1 or 2 sites to sign up to, as getting referrals for a large amount of sites can be difficult.

If you know a freebie site and aren't sure if it's legit, add a comment in the 'Comments/Suggestions' section.
I will Inspect it thoroughly and If it is legit I will add it to the site.


Freebeejeebies has a wide variety of offers and their offers differ depending on your country.
For my country they didn't have any free offers at the time, but their offers are very cheap.
They also have a good reputation and HUGE selection of free products.
My personal favorite.
  •         -     All apple products such as ipods, ipads, and macbooks can be found for free here.


They don't have as wide a selection of offers or free products as Freebeejeebies.
However - their offers are just as cheap, and last I checked they had a free trial as well:
'Intuit' - subscribe to the GOLD package 30 day free trial and build a website
once your free trial is over simply tell them whether you want to subscribe to their service or not, it doesn't matter what you answer - it is up to you.
*You will have to use a credit card to signup though, this is so that if at the end of the 30 day trial you wish to keep the service they do not need to disconnect your website until they receive payment.
If they have taken money off your credit card and you did not wish to keep their services, simply contact them and inform them of this.
They will refund the entire amount. 
You can check their site before you sign up BUT make sure you use the link in the 'Offers' section when you want to do the offer.

  •           -    Free gifts such as free tv's, free CellPhones and even a free bread maker.

Most of these sites allow 'Custom orders' where you simply contact the company, tell them what free product you want and they'll tell you how many referrals you need, it doesn't matter if the free product is listed in their gifts section or not.
Using custom orders you can get pretty much anything you want.

Gadgets.freebiejeebies is one such site, and it also happens to be my favorite as it also allows cash vouchers.