* After you are done here you may also want to visit the 'Strategy center', Where I will list all the different tips and tricks to get free products.

How you qualify for your free product:

1) Simply choose a freebie site in the 'List of freebie sites' section, and sign-up free of charge.
2) Choose your free product.
3) Complete an offer, this means going to the 'offers' section on the freebie site and completing it.
    Offers Can range from anything from signing up for a free trial, to gambling online. Some of them won't cost you anything while others can  cost you a few dollars - it simply depends on the site and what offers they currently have. There is a method to bypass the cost though.
4) Now you need to refer a few friends to do the same as you, using your referral ID - The amount of referrals you need depends on what you chose for your free product.
5) After you've done that you can claim your free product. Shipping is free as well.

Even if you find that all the offers currently available aren't free it is still worth it as you only ever have to complete an offer once for the site
and you can claim as many free products as you like - as long as you keep getting people to join.
*If you don't want to pay anything at all to get your free product but are willing to put a bit of extra effort in you may read 'Method 2' as a totally free way of getting your free product.

How can they afford to give you products for free?

Simply put the companies you see in the 'Offers' section of the freebie site pay the freebie site every time an offer is completed by someone new. So they get the money from your referrals, and send you a free product as a thank you gift.
Every time making a small amount of money for themselves. Usually a very small profit - they rely on numbers more than anything.

Method 2 - The 'Free' Method:

If you cannot find a free offer and are Dead-set against completing one that you need to pay for, there is a way to get around that.
Most of the sites I list here do allow you to claim a prize without having to complete an offer, but you usually have to get more referrals instead, eg: for freebeejeebies (in list of freebie sites) you need 3 additional referrals.
If you really want to use this method (as it will take longer), I recommend you find the cheapest offer you can complete (like the paypal offers), and then claim it after you have enough referrals - you will need at least 5 (2 +3 extra).
The good news is after getting those 3 extra referrals it will count as though you completed an offer - you will never have to do it again.
Cool huh?